Hi Jim,

Bill and the other men did a terrific job for us on Monday. They were here before 7:30 a.m. and finished about 4:30 p.m. The crews were well organized, thorough, and careful with falling branches. The trees are happier with dead wood removed and better able to withstand winter winds with selective thinning. The cleanup at the end left our property looking better than it had when they arrived that morning. Please convey to Bill and the other men our appreciation for a professional quality job well done.

I’m very glad you stopped by last summer and evaluated the trees that needed attention. Though it was six months before you could do the work, it was well worth the wait. I can see now why your schedule is so full.

Lynn Thompson

To be honest, I was really worried about the commitment we made to have our trees worked on by Mountain West Arbor Care. We signed the contract with Jim in March and made a large (for us) financial agreement for work to be done in September, so we had a long time to think about it. Our trees are paramount to the beauty of our property and we had previously had a bad experience with an arborist, who randomly stripped all the lower branches from one of our favorite trees. After our ‘tree day’ with Mountain West Arbor Care, I can tell you that we were extremely pleased (and relieved!) by the way the team worked with our trees. The communication the team had with us, and each other, was excellent and by the time they were working on our favorite tree, I had complete confidence in every cut. It was fascinating to watch and I was amazed that they were able to actually work on the ends of the branches of a huge white oak tree, essentially giving it a ‘hair cut’ – something no other tree service had ever suggested or attempted. Even a novice like myself can see how much healthier this approach is for the tree. One tree that was so ugly that we had considered taking it down, a Norwegian spruce, now looks like it belongs here. If you have concerns about your trees being trimmed correctly, I suggest you take a deep breath, talk with them before they work, and trust them to absolutely know what they are doing.

Debora Landforce

I highly recommend Mountain West Arbor Care for any tree work you need to have done. Andrew and his crew spent two days on my property and removed a 125 foot Douglas Fir that stood only five feet from my house. The crew was very safety conscious and they were very concerned about the safety of my property as well. They arrived the day scheduled per the contract and they were on time each day: the crew was all business. Besides the hazardous tree removal, the crew took down a Ponderosa Pine, did major pruning of a Big Leaf Maple, wind-sailed another Douglas Fir and thinned out a cluster of Coastal Redwoods. In addition, the crew took the time necessary for a thorough clean up after the work was finished. I am extremely satisfied with their work and their professionalism.

J.F. Arnold

Our Mercer Island home is surrounded by six Douglas Fir trees, one large Broad-Leaf Maple tree, in addition to a variety of evergreen and deciduous trees and bushes. For the purpose of keeping our trees healthy, our home safe from falling branches and the landscaping aesthetically pleasing we chose Jim Mosher, Certified Arborist, Mountain West Arbor Care to lay out a plan encompassing our stated goal. As a professional photographer (Creative Poses) I decided to have fun documenting their work but the most rewarding experience was the opportunity to view one of the most professional, knowledgeable, hardworking crews I have ever had the pleasure of observing. As they say – ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’ so I have given Jim permission to use some of my photo work depicting a dedicated crew hard at work. I personally feel that Jim Mosher has ‘set high standards for performance goals’ and his crew represent the mission statement of Mountain West Arbor Care.

Darolyn Quayle

We have weathered our second big windstorm and everywhere we look we see the fruits of your labor. There are no tree limbs blocking our driveway or littering the landscape and no trees came tumbling down. Our many, many fir trees were obviously trimmed wisely. Please extend our appreciation to your crew. Not only was it fun to watch them “skywalk”, but it was a pleasure dealing with them. Timely phone calls regarding their arrival, pleasant manner while on the job, and complete cleanup when each day ended make it very easy for us to recommend Mountain West Arbor Care to anyone. We would be remiss if we didn’t thank you also. You showed up when you said you would, gave us a firm bid, and made sure your crew met our requests. Given the size of our property(1.5 acres), and the age and number of trees we have, we look forward to working with you on our next project. Until then, thank you for making it possible for us to rest easy when the winds blow.

Jim & Sue Ellen Foss

Big thanks to Mountain West Arbor Care. Outstanding service, prompt, professional and clean. Impeccable job. These guys go above and beyond for the customer. Our trees have never looked better.

M. O’Brien