Your trees are a valuable asset to your property and community. Like any
investment, you need to make careful decisions to ensure the long-term health of your valuable asset.

Previously topped Douglas Fir tree with co-dominant stem.

Large Maple tree with major center rot due to topping.

Major overgrowth.

Selectively removing branches throughout the interior and crown of your valuable trees is crucial when pruning. We NEVER top trees, instead we apply thinning cuts. We remove cross-branches as well as dead and decayed limbs. By maintaining the viable structure of your trees, you will not only decrease the potential damage caused by severe storms, but you will also promote their health and integrity, prolonging life.

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During strong wind conditions the tops of your trees can act as sails, threatening the safety of your home and property.In order to reduce the hazard risk of your trees in high winds we selectively remove branches throughout the crown to allow wind penetration and passage through the tree, thus reducing strain, movement, and stress.As an added benefit of this process your trees, landscape, and home will all receive additional sunlight, while still maintaining the natural look and beauty of your trees.

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One of the most challenging aspects of urban forestry is hazard tree removal, the process of removing large trees in inaccessible locations and confined quarters by implementing roping, lowering and rigging techniques.

While removing these trees we are always mindful of protecting your landscape, hardscapes (including patios, walkways, and driveways) and existing plants.

Likewise, we are ever aware of the risk facing the arborists performing these services, we go to great lengths to protect their safety at all times.

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By removing branches from your trees that are no longer living we are able to improve the health of the trees and at the same time increase their beauty.

Removing deadwood protects against disease, insect infestation, long term decay, and fire hazard, all at the same time minimizing wind fall cleanup.

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A process of pruning by selectively removing branches from your trees for added view, while maintaining the overall health and structure of your trees.

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